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Injustice Gods Among Us iOS - Blackest Night Martian Manhunter Full Standard Difficulty

One does not simply categorize Blackest Night Martain Manhunter as low priority. Have you seen this Martian behemoth? - Your guide to Game, TV and Movie Releases

He's a freaking beast from the east. Just level BNMMH to level 50 and he is a good card but out of all the new characters released he is the one I am least impressed with. That is a prime optimal defense team btw! I am a IOS player and I can help with souls, koins and alliance credits. The reincarnation of Robin Hood is who I prefer to be called. P Lame. BloodySpensui posted I don't expect BHMMH to be the best challenge character of this update, but he was definitely the one I wanted to see arrive first. So nice to finally see a MMH with decent damage.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Martian Manhunter & Batgirl Challenge Released!

Time to get farming then. Same here. I'm saving every cent to get the Arkham pack when it's available. I hate playing with MMH. Perhaps this new one will change my mind. Some would say, I'm the reverse. I just got him too.

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I wonder if all the challenges will be like this. If it is then that's good for new players. Is it worth EVII him? More topics from this board Blackest Night Martian Manhunter, was one of the best characters added to the game.

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Despite his life drain ability getting a bit nerfed in the last update, he is still a top tier character. If you missed our review of him, here it is again, revised to include the changes in his passive.

Injustice: Gods Among Us – Character Guide

Makes us wish the original MMH was more like him. Starting stats: His stats are balanced enough to allow him to withstand and deal damage.

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He has a really original and versatile passive: Power generation increase: He gains more power from attacking, this is perhaps the least noticeable effect - Blue: Increased defense: Damage over time effects of specials Damage over time effects of Ibistick Damage over time from Radiation modifiers. Tag in damage from Cassandra Cain's passive - Red: Life Drain: This is reduced by Regime Killer Frost's passive.

The modes cycle regularly in the same order: Use this to you advantage: There are a lot of choices for him He can benefit from the usual supportive characters, such as Batgirl and Harleys, and can benefit from Hawkgirl's reduced tag cool down to better strategize with tagging him in or out during his buffs. BN MMH is a great versatile character, offensively and defensively He is the best healer with his "Life Drain", and best damage absorber with his "Increased Defense", in game. You can use him to control opponents by power draining them with his combo ender using Ra's Dagger